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choose from over 40 interactive multimedia presentations and book a bespoke talk for your group. Black History Talks are a fantastic learning experience for universities, schools, community or staff groups. BHW was Activist in Residence at UCL Sarah Parker Remond Centre in 2021

Black History Walks have an extensive programme of online and in-person talks on a variety of topics related to Black History – click here to see what’s happening this month. We organise Black history and cultural events in London for individuals and groups. We have delivered our talks in museums, schools, universities, colleges, community settings and government organisations.

We are continually developing our community network of speakers and adding new events and talks, in addition to our walking tours of London. We’re proud to be a collective of academics and professionals. Our talks are delivered by athletes, teachers, artists, film-makers and other professionals.

For our unique and pioneering GCSE exam text book for schools produced in collaboration with Pearson Edexcel click HERE. The book features Black British Civil Rights activism in Notting Hill and is based on our walk in that area.

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Women resistance leaders

Our Black history talks and presentations are suitable for a wide range of audiences. Many talks cover National Curriculum topics such as World War I and II, Black British Civil Rights, and Science and Invention, making them ideal for teachers seeking to inspire and educate their students about Black History.

Our series of adult education talks include topics such as Fibroids, Black Women Leaders and The Black Image. We also offer a large selection of popular culture presentations, including The Black History of Comedy, How Jamaicans Ended Slavery and African Superheroes Day.

There are over 40 interactive, short to long, multimedia presentations in our back catalogue, or please get in touch to discuss bespoke history talks.

In addition to our presentations and talks, we host the monthly Queen Nzingha lectures. These lectures are presented by African Caribbean female academics and experts in their field. Previous topics include, “The Impact of Hip Hop on White Masculinities”, “White Saviours” and “Black Help(less)”. Periodically we also run 6 and 12 week courses on James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Andrea Levy, Black Film history and African Women Resistance Leaders.

Bespoke Black History Talks

We are always delighted to hear from groups who have a specific brief and would like to request a bespoke talk tailored to the unique needs of their intended audience. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Previous audiences include primary and secondary schools, the Houses of Parliament, the Department of Education and Skills, the Red Cross and many prestigious companies – PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and UBS, to name a few.

  • Over 40 multimedia presentations to choose from
  • National Curriculum topics available for schools
  • Choose from a diverse series of adult education or popular culture topics
  • Come along to our monthly Queen Nzingha lectures, hosted by African Caribbean female experts
  • Topics include: World War 1 and 2, African Superheroes, Black British Civil Rights, Medical Apartheid, Black Cowboys and Cowgirls, Women Resistance Leaders, Black Panther’s real African history and the books to prove it, movie breakdowns and more

See below for full details of upcoming and past talks. Do you have a particular topic in mind? Contact us to request a bespoke talk.

Black History Walks in London Volume 1 is available from Jacaranda Books

Upcoming & Past Talks

How Black People Won World War Two (Part 2/2)

Saturday March 16th 1pm
A detailed, extensive look at the African/Caribbean war effort with interviews of veterans, rare videos, first hand testimony, documentation A detailed and extensive look at the African/Caribbean war effort with…
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How Black People Won World War Two (Part 1/2)

Saturday March 9th 1pm
A detailed, extensive look at the African/Caribbean war effort with interviews of veterans, rare videos, first hand testimony, documentation A detailed and extensive look at the African/Caribbean war effort with…
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How to Teach GCSE Black History

Saturday 12 August 10am
Black authors of school text books are very rare. At this half day seminar, two of them will present on, and have conversations about ,the recent GCSE History text book…
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Salute to Sybil Phoenix

Sunday 25th June 2.30pm
Online tribute to the outstanding legacy of Sybil Phoenix MBE founder of the Moonshot Youth Club. This session will hear from some of the many people she helped and worked…
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Eugenics in the law, your food and movies

Tuesday 23rd May 6.30pm
Second talk by Dr Shantella Sherman on the link between eugenics, prisons, certain foods, popular culture, TV and movies. Plus Q&A ‘Eugenics is the scientifically erroneous and immoral theory of…
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Salute to Baroness Ros Howells

Sunday 16th April 1pm
Baroness Howell has had an outstanding career in the fight for racial equality in Britain Director of the Greenwich Racial Equality Council in 1994, Baroness Howells was created a Life…
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