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Black History Walks offer walking tours, educational talks and films in London. We work with museums, schools, communities and universities to deliver a diverse and engaging programme of educational experiences for students, sightseers, businesses, film fans and anyone with an interest in history and learning. Read our revolutionary book ‘Black History Walks in London Volume 1‘ HERE

The dedicated Black History Walks team has been delivering some of the best walking tours in London for over 17 years and has more than 20 years’ experience delivering film exhibitions and talks.

For our unique and pioneering GCSE History exam text book for schools produced in collaboration with Pearson Edexcel nd used by 10,000 pupils in 140 schools, click HERE. The book features Black British Civil Rights activism in Notting Hill and is based on our walk in that area. BHW was Activist in Residence at UCL Sarah Parker Remond Centre (2021)

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Black history tours with University of Dayton students
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Black History Walks has featured in national publications and on television, including the Evening Standard, Huffington Post, ITV, Channel 4, Teachers TV and the BBC. Conde Nast Traveller listed them in their Best 15 walks in London in 2018. The Guardian put them in their Top Ten walks in 2011. They have written ‘Black History Walks in London Volume 1’ the first and only book on the topic of Black History Walks in London. The Black History Walks group has also won several community awards. In 2020 they became the first ever Activists in Residence at University College London’s  Sarah Parker Remond Centre. BHW has also invested in the Nubian Jak blue plaque scheme and installed 9 such plaques so far HERE

Our walking tours of London provide the ideal travel experience, learning activity or networking opportunity for everyday walkers and corporate clients

We offer in-person and online talks, delivered by professors and academics who excel in their fields of study. Previous audiences range from the Bank of England and the Houses of Parliament to schools and NHS settings.

The African Odysseys film programme, which offers a monthly spot for Black films (plus Q&A) at the BFI Southbank, curated by BHW and other community activists, has been running for 17 years. It is the only scheme of it’s kind in the country and has screened thousands of films to tens of thousands of people.

We have also developed an extensive list of resources to help teachers, pupils and the public learn more about Black History.

For our unique and pioneering GCSE exam text book for schools produced in collaboration with Pearson Edexcel click HERE. The book features Black British Civil Rights activism in Notting Hill and is based on our walk in that area.

Black History Walks is committed to providing exceptional educational experiences that help to uncover the 3,500 years of Black History in London.

Black History Walks & Tours

There are 12 London walking tours to choose from. The walks take place in ten different areas between February and November and last approximately two hours.

Three indoor walking tours take place in London’s top art galleries — Tate Britain, National Gallery and The Wallace Collection.

Times can be tailored to meet the needs of your group and private walks are available on request. Check out the reviews from previous walkers below and join our free mailing list to get advance notice of upcoming events. Ready to book? Check for the next public walk as listed here. If there are no public walks you can request a private walk here.

Black History Talks

We offer a wide range of public monthly Black History talks, which are delivered online or in locations of unique historical and cultural interest.
Click here for a list of the next public talks.

For private groups there are over 40 interactive, short to long, multimedia presentations to choose from. These are suitable for a wide range of settings — school assemblies, university lectures, community groups or staff events. Click here for details of our private  and bespoke talks

The venues for in-person talks are chosen with care and have previously included libraries, art galleries and lecture theatres. Talks are available year-round and our popular Queen Nzingha lectures provided by African Caribbean female academics/experts are hosted every month. A full list of upcoming events is available here.

Black History Courses & Resources (Schools)

For our unique and pioneering 2021 GCSE exam text book for schools produced in collaboration with Pearson Edexcel click HERE. The book features Black British Civil Rights activism in Notting Hill and is based on our walk in that area.

Senior consultants from Black History Walks produced a mini-documentary in collaboration with Teachers TV in 2011.

This four-part video is available online along with an extensive list of resources (including websites, DVDs and books), designed to assist teachers, pupils and the public in exploring the issues raised in the documentary and general Black History.

Subscribe to the Black History Walks YouTube channel to stay up to date with our latest videos.

About Black History Walks

Black History Walks was set up in 2007. Since then, the company has established a reputation for its diverse programme of high-quality walks, tours, talks, educational courses, resources and film events. Black History Walks is committed to providing exceptional experiences that educate people about Britain’s Black history. ‘Black History Walks in London Volume 1’ published by Jacaranda Books will be out in 2021. It is the first guided walk book on London’s African/Caribbean past.

The organisation has developed a collective, which includes a diverse range of contributors, including athletes, teachers, artists, film-makers and academics who collaborate to deliver a programme of walks, talks, films and events throughout the year. The Black History Walks team includes PhDs, authors and professors, enabling us to provide the highest levels of expertise. We pride ourselves on the variety, consistency and quality of the educational events we offer.

We have also teamed with Nubian Jak plaques to install plaques in honour of outstanding African/Caribbean people. Plaques for Dennis Brown, Frank Chrichlow, Dr Harold Moody, Phyliss Wheatley, Dr Cecil Belfield-Clarke, James Baldwin, Emma Clarke, Sarah Parker Remond and Darcus Howe have already been unveiled and more are to come. If you would like to sponsor a plaque please get in touch.

Black History Walks in London Vol 1  is published by Jacaranda Books and also available on Audible

Upcoming Walks & Tours

Secrets of Soho Black history walk

Monday 27th May 2pm
This special walk delves into an amazing depth of African/Caribbean history between Soho Square and Russell Square: It features: Ancient African civilisations Black Female entrepeneurs The Marcus Garvey connection Academia…
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Fighting the slave-master: Past and Present

Monday 27th May 10am
Black history walk featuring slavery’s financial links in the City and Black resistance strategies to oppression then and now This Black history walk features several financial institutions, Lloyds of London…
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St Paul’s/Bank black history walk

Saturday May 26th 1pm
In 120 minutes your guide will take you through hundreds of years of the African presence and contribution to London’s way of life. Discover secret alleyways and enormous buildings all…
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Reviews of Black History Walks, Tours & Talks

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