How Black Lives Matter makes Black Culture Matter

How the Black Lives Matter movement has impacted, enlivened and refocused the debate on repatriating stolen African treasures on display in the V&A, British Museum , Wallace Collection and other venues in America and the Far East

Michael Ohajuru Senior Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies ,presents how the Victorians plundered African treasures with a white – supremacist attitude based on their understanding of what they believed as their God given right – to ‘civilise’ a continent that they understood had no history. Systematically they plundered in the name of Christianity and when the real motive was capitalism – money and greed.

This talk exposes the hypocrisy in the European philosophy towards Africa – a continent which according to their philosophers and historians had no history , no art and no literature .

Hear how white male European intellectual elites and academics marvelled at the beauty and brilliance of the Benin treasures unable to believe that ‘barbarians ‘ could produce such wonders:

We were at once astounded at such an unexpected find, and puzzled to account for so highly developed an art among a race so entirely barbarous

Sir Charles Hercules Read (1857 –1929) British archaeologist and curator at the British Museum

Black Lives Matter is making the establishment think again – this talk shows how things are changing.

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