Black History and Getty Images, new resources

Friday 27 May 7pm
Above: Brother poses next to his brand new Rolls Royce London 1932
World famous Getty Images has released, for free use, thousands of African/Caribbean images dating back over one hundred years.

Getty Images Black History & Culture collection (BHCC) is a collection of imagery related to the histories and cultures of the African Black Diaspora in the US and UK largely from the 19th and 20th centuries, supplemented with relevant contemporary imagery (post 2000). This collection will be free of charge, for non-commercial use in support of empowering Black visual storytellers in producing works which educate audiences on Black history. There are approximately 30,000 images in the collection in total. The collection is for projects that take Black history and culture as the central theme, with the aim of educating audiences and inspiring new narratives.

To help launch the collection, Black History Walks in partnership with Getty Images, will take you through a selection of those images while telling the amazing stories of the various London and international locations.

We will cover:

  • Rich, Black and Famous 1930s London
  • Literature and art
  • Resistance, Revolution, Black British Civil Rights
  • Beauty and Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Black Panthers UK and USA
  • Motown, Boogie Woogie and Soul
  • Royalty, Religion and Escape

This is an online event at 7pm UK (GMT) time please check your junk mail for confirmation links

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