Ancient Egypt Spectacular -100 years of Tutankhamen, Spirit of the Pharaoh

Sunday 20 November 12pm

Animated movie, TV show and documentary. Ancient Egypt has inspired popular culture and countless movies and TV shows such as Stargate, The Mummy, Scorpion King, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dr Who, Battlestar Galactica and many more. Were they aliens or visitors from another planet? No, they were Africans from various parts of the region drawn to Nile which helped to build this great civilisation and the pyramids.

Discover who the real Ancient Egyptians were and are today. Learn about the Tutankhamen and the many other pharaohs. This screening promises to be highly entertaining!

Exclusive screening! You will see the world’s first video game featuring a black superhero character with Spirit of the Pharaoh and Into the Oasis; the first Ancient Egyptian inspired TV entertainment and game show.

Entertainment featuring:

  • Music from Gabrielle,Maxi Priest, Janet and Michael Jackson’s sister Rebbie Jackson and dancehall DJ rhythms from Soul ll Soul’s Funky Dredd label
  • The world’s first commercial superhero 3D VR video game with Spirit of the Pharaoh
  • Comedy from The Real McCoy’s Mr. Fraser goes on an Ancient Egyptian ‘love island’ blind date with an Egyptian queen
  • Boris “The Living Mummy” (not the current Prime Minister) and Sonya Saul

Spirit of the Pharaoh:

  • Classic animated movie feature
  • The story behind the graphic novel
  • How the movie will be made
  • New discoveries in Egypt
  • Tony Warner from Black History Walks links the book and film to Ancient Egyptian mythology
  • Discover the beauty techniques and hair-styles of Ancient Egyptians with Luster Pink, S-Curl and Pink Kids hair products
  • Unique merchandise on sale

You will get an insight and understanding into the lives of Ancient Egyptians with entertainment. Plus, Q&A with producer/director Terry Jervis.

This is an interactive session and part of a six month series of Phoenix Family Fun Sundays, Black history events which will include:.

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