The Sybil Phoenix Story (Loving Hands)

Saturday 29 March 2008 - 5pm - 8pm
The Sybil Phoenix

Plus The Getty Archimedes Story
Saturday 29 March 5-8pm
Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Town Hall Approach
Tube: Seven Sisters. Bus 149,259,243,476,230 Admission £8.00

  • First Black Woman to win MBE (1973)
  • Medal of Service winner Guyana (1987)
  • National Black Women Achievement award (1992)
  • Fellow of Goldsmith College
  • Woman of the Year winner (twice)

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From the 1960’s Sybil was a foster parent to hundreds of unwanted children. She rasied £64,000, opened and ran Moonshot in New Cross, the first black youth club in Britain. When the National Front burned it down in 1977 she rebuilt it within 4 years. She was a leader in the New Cross Fire campaign and the post Brixton negotiations. In the 1980’s she set up the Marsha Phoenix trust for homeless young women. She is now 82 and still active in Lewisham. This film by Lucia Tanmbini contains interviews with Sybil, family and friends. The rare footage shows how bad racism was in the 80’s and how much we take for granted now

Getty Archimede, from Guadelope, was the first black woman to become a lawyer in France (1939). She became the first deputy parlimentarian in 1946. She fought tirelessly for women and the poor. This historical documentary by Mariette Monpierre will show the similarities and differences between black womens fight against racism in France and the UK


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