Black British Superheroes: Spirit of the Pharoah,Caribbean Science Fiction

Friday 3rd June 12pm

Black British Superheroes: Spirit of the Pharoah and Caribbean Science Fiction.

Big screen cartoon and live action with African Superheroes just in time for half term!

All roads lead to the Phoenix cinema Friday 3rd June 12.00pm

We will be hosting a one-off screening of the classic Spirit of the Pharoah a fantastic superhero action story set in Africa and America. An African king travels through time to find the love of his life only to find she is in danger from an enemy he thought was defeated thousands of years ago. His Queen is not helpless, but can she remember how to summon her Kemetic powers against the greedy Lord Welton and an ancient foe? Sample video HERE

You will also get a sneak preview of the new Spirit of the Pharaoh graphic novel, book, animation and movie!


Bluefields a live action/adventure romp set in the Caribbean starring Treva Etienne. Set between a future parallel universe and present-day earth. Bluefields is an exciting action sci-fi loosely based on the story of the Haitian independence and the European colonial powers fight for domination of the Caribbean. Warships, pirates, mercenaries, greed, lust and the battle for resources is transposed into this parallel future. This time it is the Jamaica II colony, based on a moon of Mars, which is fighting for independence…


Captain Scarlet’s Secret Black history. Those who grew up between the 60s and the 80s will remember that highly popular children’s TV show Captain Scarlet TV featured several black characters which was unusual at the time. Tony Warner and Terry Jervis will take you through the hidden Black history.

Please, please, please for your own benefit do not delay booking your seats! This event is totally unique.

Book NOW ring 0208 444 6789

This is part of Phoenix Family Fun Films. This 6-month initiative curated by Black History Walks features fantastic child centred African/Caribbean film content designed to rectify the severe lack of such images on the big screen. Black History Walks has also curated the African Odysseys film programme at the BFI for the last 15 years.


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