Battledream Chronicle. Premiere, Q&A

Sunday 22 May - 2pm

UK Premiere ! Sunday 22 May 2pm, 52 High Road N2, 2 mins from East Finchley tube, Northern Line

All action animation from the Caribbean about revolution and self empowerment with a Black girl as the hero !! Forget Oscars so white buy your tickets and support Black filmmaking and Black actors NOW ! This screening will surely sell out !!

In 2100, the Empire of Mortemonde colonizes almost all of the Earth and kidnaps the population into a virtual reality in a massive computer .
People are forced to fight for £1000 each month in Battledream, a video game in which you can actually die
Only those who are successful receive the right to live until the following month.
Syanna, a young Martinican (Martinique s a French speaking island in the Caribbean, close to St Lucia) , refuses to continue to live well while her friends suffer and decides to fight for her people’s freedom.

Plus Q and A with cast/director


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