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Black History Walks  is dedicated to helping educators create engaging learning experiences for their students. Over the past 16 years, the BHW team have created an extensive catalogue of resources to support teachers, pupils and the public in exploring Black history in Britain.


In 2022, delayed from 2020 by the pandemic, Jacaranda published our revolutionary book ‘Black History Walks in London Volume 1′ a written walking tour of the city from an African/Caribbean perspective. See it HERE

In 2021 in collaboration with Pearson Edexcel we produced a unique and pioneering GCSE exam text book for schools. The book features Black British Civil Rights activism in Notting Hill and is based on our walk in that area. For details and a sample chapter click HERE .We also worked with the National Portrait Gallery on three short art videos which can be seen HERE

In 2011, we worked with Teachers TV to create a mini-documentary based on our walks for use in classrooms. The interactive video, split into four sections, covers important historical events, figures and venues including the Bank of England, Docklands, war memorials, William Davidson and Olaudah Equiano.

Since creating this documentary, we have added countless videos, books, websites and DVDs to our bank of educational resources. The Black History Walks YouTube channel is a rich source of video content that includes talks by academics and experts as well as insights into the events we run. To see our latest  events click here


Our Black history online courses are popular with learners around the world. We run public courses on James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, History of Black Film, African Women Resistance Leaders four times a year. Our programme of talks (both online and in-person) provides a fantastic learning resource for course participants, and we are always happy to hear from groups who would like to arrange a bespoke talk or course for their educational or business setting. Get in touch to discuss your bespoke learning activity. To see our latest offering click here



  • Let us Die Like Brothers by Commonwealth War Graves commission. Details of Black South African soldiers killed in WW1 SS Mendi disaster off the coast of the Isle of Wight
  • Grove Roots by Octavia Youth Foundation. Black British Civil Rights in 60’s/70’s Notting Hill, West London
  • Hidden Herstories Octavia Youth Foundation. Black British Females and Civil Rights in London 60’s/70’s
  • Coming to England with Floella Benjamin. Black British Civil Rights from a 10 year old childs perspective
  • Loving Hands, the Sybil Phoenix story directed by Lucia Tambini. Black British Civil Rights 1970s to present. The story of the first Black women to receive an MBE and how/why she refused it
  • Shirley Chisholm Unbought and Unbossed Fantastic story of the first black woman to run for President of the USA in 1972
  • 500 Years Later directed by Owen  Alik Shahadah. Award winning, comprehensive overview of African history
  • Nubian Sprit directed by Louis Buckley. History of Sudan’s classical civilisation
  • Lion Mountains directed by Louis Buckley. History of Sierra Leone’s links to Britain
  • Son of Africa directed by Alrick Riley. Story of Olaudah Equiano who escaped slavery and publsihed a book in London in 1789)
  • Life and Debt directed by Stephanie Black .How the IMF/World Bank made Jamaica  poor
  • Respect:  Biggin Up Black History. Black WW2 veterans interviewed by teenagers
  • Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome with  Dr Joy de Gruy Leary. Psychological impact of slavery on modern culture
  • When African Americans came to Paris Educational DVD by Walking the Spirit tours on the Black History of Paris
  • Motherland directed by Owen Alik Shahadah. Award winning documentary of African views on future development


Why Choose Black History Walks?

We pride ourselves on the variety, consistency and quality of our educational events and resources. Our collective includes professors and academics at the forefront of their fields, allowing us to create high-quality courses and resources that are relevant today. Our team has lectured at prestigious London venues including The Imperial War Museum and The British Film Institute. We have extensive experience delivering workshops on institutional racism and diversity for business, government organisations and community groups. Head Guide Tony Warner has also authored the first-ever Black history walking tour guide, titled “Black History Walks in London, Volume 1” available from Jacaranda Books.

Whether you’re a teacher seeking a Black History Month workshop for your school or an individual looking for an engaging Black history online course, our comprehensive list of courses and resources will leave you spoilt for choice.

Contact us to find out more or to discuss a bespoke learning experience.

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