White supremacy in your toilet

Sunday 27 February 6.30pm
Human waste disposal from ancient Africa to modern Europe. Black inventors, hidden links between health/wealth and the over-developed world

The disposal of human waste is an essential part of human development. How would you cope if your toilet did not work for a week?

In this inter-active presentation we review excrement removal and sanitation systems starting in ancient Africa and ending up in modern Europe. While telling this history we will expose the hidden links between health and wealth in Europe and disease and poverty in the ‘developing’ world.

We will cover:

  • African civilisations and invention pre European invasion
  • British water ways as sewers in the 19th and 21st century
  • London’s human waste removal infrastructure and the hidden Caribbean connection
  • Steam engines, Walter Rodney, African resources and waste transportation
  • Hygiene standards in Black and White.
  • Do you really need to wash your legs when you shower? An English perspective
  • Toilet location, design and the best way to evacuate your bowels
  • Brexit, the North Sea, climate change and ‘night soil’
  • Racist stereotyping and public health
  • African sanitary innovations in the 21st century


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