20 Banned Black Films you need to see. 15 years of African Odysseys

Sunday 22 May 5.30pm
Selection of banned Black films screened by the African Odysseys film programme over the last 15 years with facts, statistics and reasons

The African Odysseys film programme has been screening fantastic Black films once a month with Q&A’s for 15 years. It is the only such programme in the country and was initiated and maintained by community activists.

Some of the films we have shown have been literally banned and this presentation will go through 20 of them explaining what these films were about, why they were banned and the current methods of suppressing Black films that challenge Hollywood stereotypes. We will cover:

  • Government agencies and their role in suppressing independent movie production
  • Origins of African Odysseys
  • ·How to ban a film without appearing to ban it
  • ‘We don’t want a full house of black people even if it will make us money’ with proof
  • Where to access great African/Caribbean films
  • Black Lives Matter and the link to Film
  • African Odysseys at the BFI Black and Banned season 2018
  • New platforms for viewing positive African/Caribbean content

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NB. This event precedes and previews the 15 Years of African Odysseys course starting in June 2022. Queries to events@blackhistorywalks.co.uk

Course Details and outline:

This online course will present the best films, ideas, Q&A, talks, interviews, and knowledge of 15 years of African/Caribbean film programming at the BFI Southbank. Distilled into seven learning sessions, the course will feature various African Odysseys contributors, special guests, film clips, quizzes, mini lectures and live chat.

Session 1 African Odysseys top 40 films (and where to get them) Part 1 of 2 sessions.: With monthly screenings over a decade many people have missed hundreds of the vast array of brilliant films we have screened. This presentation will show trailers and clips of the 40 best films we’ve screened plus relevant commentary and tips on how to access.

Session 2 Black films don’t sell? Exploding the myth. For decades, white producers have promoted the idea that films with Black casts don’t perform well and therefore should not be made. We go right back to the 70’s to show how the opposite is true and why this falsehood is maintained with numerous UK and US examples.

Session 3 An evening with film experts. In this session, we will feature revolutionary films from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and fill in the context of the politics of the day and the effect of the film on the community. Films include Shaft, Sankofa, Sweet Sweetback, Watermelon Man, Goodbye Uncle Tom, Brazil, Abolition, Three the Hard Way and more

Session 4 African Odysseys top 40 films (and where to get them) Part 2: with monthly screenings over a decade many people are unaware of the hundreds of brilliant films we have screened. This presentation to consist of trailers and clips of the 40 best films we’ve screened plus relevant commentary and tips on how to access.

Session 5 The Conspiracy to destroy positive black films: A list and examples of obvious and invisible obstacles black films face. How the BBFC rating system discriminates against African films, etc

Session 6 The best of Ten Years of African Odysseys Q and As Selected outtakes of recorded Q and A’s and talks over the last ten years. Plus the African,French and Caribbean perspective

Session 7 Course review Q and A live chat

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