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Queen Nzingha Lecture 28. Fibroids. Women of African descent suffer far more from fibroids than white women but mainstream agencies have failed to highlight information on this topic.

Fibroids are more common in Black women than white women with Black women being more likely to develop multiple, larger and more aggressive fibroids. With this in mind it is important that black women are empowered with accurate reliable information about fibroids including prevention and treatment options.
In this lecture Abi Begho, founder of The Lake Foundation, will provide an overview of fibroids discussing what fibroids are, symptoms, risk factors and prevention. 

Abi Begho is the Founder of The Lake Foundation a charity that

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Comedians often use history as part of their material. In this interactive session we piece together a visual tapestry of the best historical comedy from great known and unknown comics from the 1960's to now We will also place their comical observations on a historical timeline of international struggle for African equality and show how comedy can be educational. Be prepared to laugh your head off and learn about world history at the same time.

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Many people are upset by the all white casting of films set in ancient Africa. They are less able to explain the extensive and insidious mis-representation of African culture; history, architecture and art which occur in every frame of those movies. This is just as damaging but often goes unnoticed. It affects people who have'nt even seen the movie due to the massive promotional advertising that comes with such films, the brainwashing continues indirectly and subconsciously.
In this  blockbuster movie breakdown  we will cover:

The people behind this film, similar films and reasons for the whitewash
12 Hollywood movies where the stars were supposed to have been Black but were changed to white
The Black Lives matter and the White Supremacy/Saviour connection
Psychological warfare: reasons, examples and effects 

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Sam 'Daddy' Sharpe is the man who inspired 60, 000 Africans to rise up against British slavemasters in Jamaica. At a time when Black people were killed just for learning to read,( forget phones and facebook) and not allowed to leave their plantation this achievement is incredible! How did he do it ? Who helped him. What was the effect ?
More such events listed at
The rebellion started off in December 1831 as general strike but carried on into 1832 as an armed uprising. The very next year, the British rushed through legislation to end slavery. Was it for fear that..if freedom was not granted soon on British terms, then it would be taken on African terms as was done in Haiti...?

Plus we  cover:
White supremacy and its response to the Haitian revolution
Wilberforce and his racism
15 ways in which Africans resisted slavery apart from armed uprisings