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Queen Nzingha Lecture 16. America's Racial Past and Future in The Help and The Purge by Dr Althea Legal-Miller.  The widespread appeal of Hollywood movies makes this particular medium a crucial site for examining the meanings of race in the United States. Popular films have the power to reconstruct the racial past of a nation, as well as envision its future. This presentation will provide readings on The Help (dir, Tate Taylor, 2011) and The Purge (dir, James DeMonaco, 2013) in order to examine both the racial and gender discourse that is embedded in these representations of two key social contexts - the 1960s civil rights era and the post-civil rights not-too-distant future. Analysis will highlight the ways in which these narratives draw on the preexisting cinematic racial order of white saviours and

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In this Xtra special movie breakdown we analyse 4 X Men movies from a Black History perspective. X Men, X Men 2, X Men 3:The Last Stand and X Men First Class . We will delve deep into the background of the X men comics and movies. We will cover:

Race and metaphor
Malcolm X and Martin Luther King
Marvel vs Disney
Disneys record on diversity
Hollywood propaganda
How 'liberal' media reinforces the status quo they claim to oppose
The role of the black superhero. Where are the African superheroes ?
African and world politics in disguise
Subliminal advertising

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Computer games are making more money than some movies nowadays (C.O.D sales have topped $10 Billion so far, the Avengers movie made $1.5 billion) Producers and actors are increasingly selling stories to millions of eager consumers using this format but what sort of stories are being told ? We already know that film is an extremely powerful medium which often contains blatant and hidden messages. So how do these cinematic, high defintion, interactive video games relate to Black people and their history ? Are they a help or a hindrance ?
In this interactive presentation we will cover:

The Military Industrial Complex. What it is and how it works
Radicalisation via gaming: War as Culture and the Culture of War
Propaganda and recruitment at the movies, then and now
Brainwashing the youth: London, Somalia, Nigeria, Haiti
Racism and Africa in the video gaming industry
Examples of Real politics disguised as Fantasy
Black Scientists and Inventors

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Captain America 2 broke box office records and introduced us to a new Black superhero. However this movie owes a great deal to some shocking African-American history. Like blockbusters such as Captain Phillips, where factual history is turned on its head ( the reason Somalis began hijacking European/US ships was due to such ships dumping toxic and nuclear waste into Somali waters resulting in human birth defects) some facts are missing for the sake of entertainment. Building on our previous movie breakdowns and presentations ( African Superheroes Day, X Men, Planet of the Apes ) We present a forensic breakdown on the imagery and hidden black history in this latest superhero instalment. We will cover

History of Black Superhero the Falcon
The hidden Civil Rights connection
The Black Panther Links
Black War veterans, WW2 to Vietnam
How Hollywood perverts history via movies like Captain Phillips, Act of Valor,Top Gun, Transformers, Lone Survivor and others
The Military Industrial Complex
Disney vs Marvel on Race and Representation