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A very revealing presentation and film which shows how the image of African people has been deliberately altered by Europeans to show negativity. In the 15th century African people were portrayed in European art as noble, sophisticated and intelligent. With the rise of Empire these images were thrown out and replaced with demeaning stereotypes which still inform public opinion via children’s books and Hollywood movies..

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The bias in schools gives the impression that racism and civil rights was an American issue and totally ignores the struggles Black British people endured. This presentation will provide the names and achievements of those Black people born or resident here that fought against British racism over the last 400 years. Includes Thomas Peters, Ottobah Cuguano, Robert Wedderburn, Olaudah Equiano, Phyllis Wheatley, Learie Constantine, Bus Boycott 1963, Scrap Sus Campaign,

queen nzingha 350

A three-hour comprehensive sample of African women who resisted invasion, slavery and racist policies. Includes Queen Nzinga,Yaa Asantewa, Claudia Jones, Rosa Parks, Josephine Baker, Doris Pilkington, Mende Nazer, Mavis Best, Dame Joceyln Barrow, Una Marson and many more. Covers UK, North and South America, the Caribbean and Africa

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Man of Steel was one of 2013's biggest blockbusters but many are unaware of the themes. images and motifs within the whole Superman mythology that link directly into Black History. This two hour movie breakdown goes into

The Origins of Superman
Product Placement
The concept of the 'other' in literature
Hollywoods hidden history of discrimination
Marvel vs DC Comics and diversity
Movies as cultural dominance