gabrielle union 350

This presentation aims to empower women with information to help defeat breast cancer. It will cover:

* The reality of risk rates for Black women; how white women skew the risk indicators
* 5 steps you can take to reduce your risk ,
* How not breast feeding can increase your risk
* What food and lifestyles increase liability
* The signs that ensure early detection.
* How such information is made difficult to access (there has only ever been one study on how cancer affects black women in the UK)

'Loved it! Very interesting and helpful !'

'I'd love to see more such workshops as I felt the whole experience was really informative'

'The speaker was very knowledgeable and helpful ' Various audience members, Science Museum 8 July 2010

Somali War Hero World War 2 350

Often in the news in certain roles but what do we really know of the Somali people ? In this 2 hour presentation we cover pre european Somali regions  of the 1800's and..

Somali cultural trade links with China in the 15th century
Queens of the Land of Punt
Frankincense, the ancient currency of the Phaorahs
Somalis in WW2. The War against Japan
The Suez Canal, the Red Sea and the Space Shuttle
10 Famous Somalis you've never heard of
The real story behind Black Hawk Down
150 years of Somalis in England

'One word for Black History Walks .. MahshaAllah ! I loved every single bit of it

olympic 350

A ninety minute whistlestop tour through the history of people of African descent in the Olympics and the world events included in the Olympic timeframe. Heroic and amazing inspirational stories, the Olympic role in US civil rights, little known facts about forgotten Black athletes. Plus movies, books, and websites with more information for the curious

Miley Cyrus 350

African dance and culture has often been appropriated by Europeans and divorced from its roots. This presentation aims to give a general background to African dance and show how movements/styles were borrowed or imitated by various European cultures.Those cultures would then re-name and take credit for the movements or totally pervert them. We will also deal with sexism and racism in the music/fashion and dance business.The presentation covers:

A selection of African civilisations pre or co-existing European invasion
Original purpose of African dance
Weddings, fertility, birthdays, rites of passage
Dance as politics. European censorship and disgust
Popular dances in the West that have African origins/elements