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Many people are upset by the all white casting of films set in ancient Africa. They are less able to explain the extensive and insidious mis-representation of African culture; history, architecture and art which occur in every frame of those movies. This is just as damaging but often goes unnoticed. It affects people who have'nt even seen the movie due to the massive promotional advertising that comes with such films, the brainwashing continues indirectly and subconsciously.
In this  blockbuster movie breakdown  we will cover:

The people behind this film, similar films and reasons for the whitewash
12 Hollywood movies where the stars were supposed to have been Black but were changed to white
The Black Lives matter and the White Supremacy/Saviour connection
Psychological warfare: reasons, examples and effects 

Product placement and 'Race' placement
Racist Hollywood Studio conspiracies with proof
The Indian who became white to portray an African
10 Hollywood historical movies you thought were true but were total lies
How we can use such films to our advantage: flipping the script and un-brainwashing
Where and how to get accurate information on African history
Black people in Fantasy/Science Fiction Season ? Where to get those images and stories

We will also be eviscerating the more recent movie, Gods of Egypt, A movie so racist that the directors and studio apologised for it when it came out !